Department of Science & Humanity


To import the skills to the students and prepare them to meet the growing challenges of the industry.


To clear basic concepts of Science, develop the communication skills of the students and establish the department as a research centre.

Department Profile

The department of Science and Humanities in our college has four disciplines namely Physics,Chemistry, Mathematics and English.It consists of dedicated and spirited staff members who are always involved in enhancing the advanced knowledge and skills.The department provides valuable inputs on the Engineering disciplines,Professional ethics skills development like sharpening analytical and practical reasoning,problem solving and communicating.Department has well furnished laboratories like Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Language lab.

Goals of the Department

Science and Humanity is a bridge that connects Pure Science with engineering practices.It aims to provide a strong foundation for students of engineering and is one of the indispensable departments of the institute. To employ fundamental principles to create innovative new technologies. To help the society with available resources.


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