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In today’s competitive world, our Phaltan Education Society’s College of Engineering, Phaltan is going to be a leader for Engineering and Technology Education and Research, so as to fulfill the demands of Industry, and Research. Industry 4.0 has created much more learning opportunities, which are going to be addressed as a part of the value addition. This value based education is essentially to focus on to the society and industry needs so as to address the key result areas accordingly. Efforts are to accommodate the stakeholders’ needs and satisfaction. Our institute offeres Engineering B.Tech. courses in Computer, Civil, Electronics and Telecommunication and Mechanical Engineering as per the curricula of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University (DBATU) Lonere as well as Engineering Diploma Courses in Mechanical Engineering and Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering as per Maharashtra State Board for Technical Education (MSBTE). There are core subject knowledge areas and skills plus the values delivered in our institute considering the students interest and industry requirements. The institute has very well established laboratories and infrastructure to deliver the right things as a part of education for students and learners. Customization of lesson plans is one of the important aspects that are unique of its own kind, and this is going to attract the students (learners) with the first choice to our institute. More to more, our focused approach shall provide excellent throughput to the learners and researchers and to all the stakeholders as well through our sincere and focused efforts. For Industry, this is the central node of center of Excellence to work out any industry specific ideas and technology need, specifically industry 4.0 compliant aspects, and even addressing any other common areas of interest. Industry is always welcome and we are open to deal with such problem statements of higher order and relevance. Our students and faculty would be interested to work on such technological issues. Finally our students who would like to create innovations, projects and start-ups, our Phaltan Education Society’s College of Engineering shall be the best place with learning centric scientific and studious atmosphere. Our alumni (past students) have been closely connected to our institute activities forming additional strength of our institute. We are committed to deliver the best and as per the focused need to perform in order to achieve the key results as per our vision and mission. We welcome all the prospective students, parents and anyone who and my best wishes to all our students, faculty member, collaborators and learners on behalf our institute. I also congratulate those who have already performed well with completeness of engineering degree and diploma from institute successfully. Would be happy to discuss on any points for which all are welcome to our institute and my office..


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